An entire civilisation is not just about the drainage system! | Keerthi History #shorts #history

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  1. @hardikleuva6675

    आप कैसे कह सकते हो की without any modern technology इन लोगो ने कैसे किया होगा ?
    क्योंकि जब महाभारत के युद्ध धूतराष्ट्र अपने महल में बैठकर देख सकता था तो बाकी सब व्यवस्था बिना तकनीक के हुई होगी वो सोचना यानी हम हमारी बालिश बुद्धि का प्रदर्शन करते है। वाल्मिकी रामायण पढ़ो उसमें लंका,किष्किंधा का वर्णन है की वो आज का अमरीका थी।

  2. @hardikleuva6675

    महर्षि वेद व्यास के पिताजी पराशर ऋषि ने सत्यवती के साथ नियोग किया पर उसकी शर्त थी की मेरा कौमार्य अखंड रहना चाहिए। तो फिर उनका नियोग हुआ और वेद व्यास का जन्म हुआ पर उनका कौमार्य अखंड ही रहा। तो वो कौन सी तकनीक होगी ? वो सोचना चाहिए हमें। हम आज के युग वाले उनको पुराने ख्यालों के,ऑर्थोडॉक्स कहकर उनकी दिल्लगी उड़ाते है पर वो हमसे ज्यादा एडवांस थे।

  3. @KirubanithiKiruba-vo6ih

    Useless idiot talk about present improvement

  4. @skmplanet9591

    You are buried in the past, you will never develop.

  5. @AmitSingh-vi8jk

    This is not the matter of pride but knowledge.

  6. @Mistyy_11

    Our history textbooks are f—ked up

  7. @jabinkarim9062

    For humans …
    Experience and need was teachers.
    Nature was best source of material .
    best technology always in his mind .
    Winning forwarding one step for next level .
    Loosing forwarding ten steps for next level.
    God These all things not given directly .
    God gives us mind ,nature …. and humans doing all things properly .

    Your opinion was wrong if only one culture was superiour .
    Every culture was unique its limits

  8. @jacobkoshy4661

    Because nobody knows till now , what type of culture they had. Advanced drainage system shows their civil engineering capability.

    We will know about their culture, only after deciphering the indus script.

  9. @ajaybalakrishnan5208

    Why do you pick up only negatives and negatively influencing the community. I have learnt about their agriculture, their livestock management etc. I understand it's your revenue, but now you are teaching wrong and that is fed to much much much more larger group.

  10. @SurprisedBeachYoga-rh2wi


  11. @shankarm9658

    Yeah… I too completely agree with you. During my school days, I thought the Indus Valley Civilization only gained fame because of its drainage system. It was only after watching YouTube videos that I got to know about its other great things…!!!

  12. @operatoron69htz11

    Driniige systen😂

  13. @michaelhasda7194

    And your Aryans came and invaded the civilization.🤬

  14. @amitkumardash1521

    Who are you tal king to?? 🤭

  15. @ajay1401freak

    This lady has only read about the drainage system l.. just like her mouth which sounds like a drainage flush when she blabbers with half baked knowledge

  16. @dishar1508

    We need history teachers like you

  17. @sureshkumarns7572

    Indus valley is ancient tamil civilization, this is not accepted by Ind govt, aryans and hindus.
    This dates older than vedic concepts.
    No body speaks and teaches this.

  18. @diksshamallik4039

    I think she is exaggerating because there is more information in text book and also she herself is saying drainage system so many time. She could have mentioned more. And yes there is limited information on IVC but that is extracted with a lot of hard work. Idk but i don't agree with her on this.

  19. @NEWNEW-bc9qk

    Don’t doubt Humans have reached their peak in all aspects 5000year ago ! What we have now is just an slavery human life !


    Jai Hind 🙏🙏🙏

  21. @stebyrajamony241

    I think having a drainage system itself is pride, not all civilizations had it.. it definitely talks about smart people.. i don't understand why talking about drainage is a shame.

  22. @nil8004

    Ur mind is like mustard. So small. Mad female

  23. @natep6729

    Ancient india had the most advanced drainage sytem. Modern India can't even provide clean water to it's citizens and even little rain will cause floods. How have we fallen this far?

  24. @MS-ov9sv

    Solid point

  25. @Priyadarsi1

    Just say that you slept during your history classes.

  26. @laxmank1136

    I am sure they had a good technology even in those days. May be we are obsessed that what we know today is latest technology. Building such a large organized city and massive constructions is not possible without technology.

    They knew very well how to use the science for the benefit of the people.

  27. @nikhilalbert3084

    Thought process, their life, etc we don't know. What we know about them is based on archeology, we are thought about. Great Bath, Granary, Trade, etc.

    If you know about the unknowns, please get Nobel Prize and start teaching.

  28. @devadharshanb1553

    Cities Like what?? Plzz say

  29. @shanmugamtp3751

    Only if you had studied textbooks rather WhatsApp forwards you would know about Meluha and their female-centric customs…you wouldn't understand all these…I don't understand your obsession with drainage system…no book dedicates 6 pages about one line -" the elaborate drainage system" you didn't study athuku books aa blame panakudadhu magazhe..Nee pesre mairuku award vere😢😢…naadi etha noki pothane purile😢😢😢😢😢

  30. @nikhil-nn6mz

    This shows she's not read even lower class history books. There is holistic mention about indus valley civilization including their art, pottery, trade (both internal and external), animals reared, their religion..

  31. @premnaths8567

    Am not sure of why we should not feel proud about the drainage system? Which talks volume about their lifestyle if you think in detail but tbh i have read other things as well about in my school history text books.

  32. @manjunathg3

    This is hilarious. The first thing that comes to my mind when i hear "Indus Valley Civilisation" is drainage system. Man our school system and text books are so f*&^ed up

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